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Palo Verde First Aid, Fire and Safety has added yet another service to assist in business safety and security. Document Shredding. Palo Verde is now offering corporate document shredding at an unbeatable price. Go with a company you know and trust. Trust Palo Verde to properly dispose of sensitive documents.
Palo Verde Fire has been recharging extinguishers for over 20 years. Business' of all kinds around the Phoenix Valley rely on our onsite recharge and pre-inspection services to keep their business compliant with local fire laws.
Did you know Palo Verde can provide your workforce with instruction on all of the products we sell? PV also offers corporate safety program development and jobsite safety hazard identification inspections. Don't simply provide your staff with quality PPE and safety options, educate employees with scheduled training.
The Palo Verde Companies handle First Aid and Cabinets, Fire Extinguisher Sales and Service, Safety Supply and PPE for the industrial workforce and our most recent addition Document Shredding. All of the products and services we offer can be delivered to your main office or distributed to Jobsite or Satellite locations across the Greater Phoenix Valley. We are committed to the total safety of your Company and we prove it through quality products and outstanding customer service.
First Aid cabinets and kits are a necessity for any business. More importantly any construction jobsite needs to boast enough first aid supplies to handle emergency injury situations. Rely on regularly scheduled first aid delivery services from PV Companies. Palo Verde will assess your first aid needs, provide your business location with first aid cabinets and kits and schedule regular visits to restock depleted supplies.
Hard Hats, Safety Vests, Work Gloves, Fall Protection even Respiratory Protection is all available and in stock at our Phoenix warehouse.
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PV Companies will deliver your order to your central office or satellite construction locations Valleywide!
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  • Residential Hose Bibs
  • Electrical Panels
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Extension Cords
  • Equipment Steering Wheels

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  • Push Code Door Handle Lock
  • Employee Tiered Key Systems
  • Water Proof Gate Locks
  • Secured Key Cabinets

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  • Service Truck Locks
  • Employee Tiered Key Systems
  • Trailer & Heavy Equipment Lock Systems
  • Weather Proof Industrial Fence Locks
  • Weather Proof Industrial Fence Locks
  • Foot Brake Locks

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  • Backyard Gate Locks
  • Pool Security Locks and Cables
  • Bicycle Locks
  • Locking Security Containers
  • Luggage and Travel Locks
  • Tarp Style Cable Locks