Friendly Onsite Services

Fire Extinguisher Service

Onsite Fire Extinguisher Service and Sales

Got fire extinguishers? We will come to your business and service your fire extinguishers on site. Whether it’s one or thousands, our truck is equipped to service your needs. Our knowledgeable, experienced staff can assist with the placement of your fire extinguishers in your existing building or new location. On the job safety and workplace compliance. Call us today to make sure your building is secure and your extinguishers are ready to keep you and your employees safe.

Safety Cabinet Service

Onsite Safety and PPE Cabinet Service and Sales

Safety is what we care most about. Let us provide your company with a cabinet filled with safety items to protect your biggest asset – your staff. Our cabinets contain products such as safety glasses, gloves, ear plugs, dust masks, and whatever other industry-specific items are required for a safe environment for the people working at your business. We inventory and fill these items for you on a schedule specifically designed for your companies needs. We maintain minimum and maximum levels, so nobody is ever unprotected. Please keep in mind that minimum quantities are required for this service. Some of the bulkier safety equipment we provide may not fit in the cabinet, but they will still be inventoried. To keep ordering easy, we provide a fax order sheet that only has the items listed specifically for your companies needs with the minimum and maximum quantities specifies. You fill the sheet out when you need the products and fax it to us. You’ll most likely receive the products the next day, but if you really need something the same day, we will do everything possible to make that happen. We are quite efficient and look forward to providing you with a speedy service. If you do not need a cabinet, we can still maintain all of your safety and first aid requirements.

First Aid Cabinet Service

Onsite First Aid Service and Sales

Palo Verde Services First Aid Cabinets Valley Wide! One of our most popular services is our first aid cabinet service. If you don’t currently have a first aid cabinet, not a problem. We just stop in to evaluate your needs, then install your cabinet, filled with all the first aid supplies you need for the safety of your business. If you already have a first aid cabinet, we clean and sanitize your cabinet first. Then we replenish all of the products that have been used. We will suggest new products when we find industry-specific that fit your needs. If your company requires a special fill list, we keep the list on file for all future visits. We provide this service at intervals specifically designed for you. If your kit doesn’t need anything when we stop in (which hopefully means nobody has gotten hurt), we will still clean it at no-charge to you. Our business is safety products … at the best possible price, but our service is what sets us apart from everyone else.